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Leigh has been training horses for more than 20 years using gentle, repetitive methods. . "I believe a solid foundation in breaking a horse is essential for further training in any discipline," she says. While her main focus is dressage, she trains in virtually all disciplines, ranging from parade horses to harness-breaking for carriage.

Leigh specializes in training horses with gaps in their training or knowledge, and also horses who have been abused or have some unfortunate baggage. "I re-do broken horses," she says.

Some of the horses she's trained include:
* Beaus Brandy+/ 2005 PHR Reserve Champion 1st and 2nd level freestyle (below)
* 2003 Morgan Horse Assn. dressage champion WK's Twilight Rhapsody

Leigh offers full-time training (including room and board) at Sunset Ridge Ranch. To find out more, call or e-mail.